CIC is committed to the preservation of the environment on any project it undertakes. We are conversant with National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) guidelines as well as with international environmental guidelines. This knowledge and the support provided by experienced engineers, enables CIC to conduct multi-disciplinary environmental assignments anywhere in the world.
The areas of specialization, which CIC ably addresses include the following;

  • Pre-application contact / authority consultations
  • Environmental scoping and reporting
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) and reporting
  • Holistic environmental management plans (EMP)
  • Environmental monitoring and auditing.

In the execution of all environmental work, attention is given to the following facets:

  • The physical environment: hydrology, storm water management, environmental engineering, water quality, geohydrology, geotechnical surveys, geomorphology, the biotic environment: limnology, ecology, botany, zoology The socio-economic environment: town and regional planning, spatial planning, public participation, social impact assessment, socio- economic studies, Resettlement Action Plan, land- scape architecture, aesthetic studies